Voice Over Advice… again!

Hi friends!! It has been forever and a day since I last blogged! I’m still happily loving and living the voice over life in LA. You can hear my voice on TV in the Ice Breakers commercials that have been … Continue reading

How to Sign with a Top Tier Voice Over Agent

How to Sign with a Top Tier Voice Over Agent : My Journey from Crazy to Calm Continue reading

My Own Best Frenemy

I’ve been writing less frequently lately. I apologize! Instead of blogging about one of my preplanned, “this will be helpful and interesting for a future blog post” topics, I’m going to write about my “now,” and put my vulnerability, insanity, and truth … Continue reading

If I Didn’t Post It On Facebook, Did It Really Happen?

Recently I got put “on hold” for an awesome job. This doesn’t mean that I got it, but that I have to reserve the date. It means that I’m one of the final few actresses being considered for the role; that … Continue reading

“You’re An Actor, So That Means You’re Lazy, Right?”

Being an actor means that some days, you have nothing to do. Zero. Zilch. You could stay in bed all day, and no one would notice. And some days, that feels pretty lousy. We want to feel valued. Needed. When … Continue reading


A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were driving in Pasadena and found two dogs running shoulder to shoulder down a busy street. We stopped the car and, luckily, got them to safety before anything happened to them. That night, … Continue reading

Other Awesome Actor Blogs

When I started this blog, it was helpful to look to other actor blogs for inspiration. Here are a few (other) awesome acting blogs with valuable advice. Acting Blogs: Daily Actor – Very smart and informative. The Working Actress – Plus it’s … Continue reading

You’re An Actress. Not a Prostitute.

Not that prostitutes are bad. World’s oldest profession and all that. Power to ya. I recently had to decide whether or not I was comfortable doing something on camera. I had formerly decided against this “thing,” but the role was … Continue reading